How I Work

I offer a confidential, safe space where I can help you explore your concerns without shame or judgment.

My role is to help your process of finding solutions, using my understanding of people and human psychology to inform the process and help find solutions that will work and keep on working. I won’t tell you how to live, instead I will help you to understand yourself better and through that understanding, help you find what’s right for you.

I welcome diversity in my practice in all the ways human beings can be diverse. I recognise my own many privileges in society and am an ally to people who are in a disadvantaged position. I am experienced with and enjoy working with people from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds and I am attentive to your own particular cultural viewpoint and needs.

I am LGBTQ-friendly, Kink-friendly and listed with Pink Therapy who champion truly non-judgemental therapy for all.

I have experience of working with: Anxiety • Trauma • Depression • Gender • Gender Identity • Sexuality • Asexuality • Anger • Workplace Problems • Relationships • Bullying • Bereavement • Childhood Abuse • Domestic Abuse • Personal Development • Family Problems • Step-Families • Self-Esteem • Divorce • Stress • Kink • BDSM • Sex Work and many others.

I’m registered and accredited with the UKCP.
This means that I have achieved a nationally recognised level of experience, training and competence in my field and subscribe to the UKCP’s Ethical Principles.

You are welcome to contact me on 07747 388 870 or use the Contact form to email me.